Five simple things

Yay for summer!  It's another weekend and yet here we go with what my my week awesome!

1.  These Cookies.

Because we don't buy processed, premade cookies often, but these being Hello Kitty, we just had to do it once.

2.  This Game.

Because Skylar and I like to play Battleship, even if it is in the bathtub.

3.  This Flag.

Because it seemed right and fit nicely on the fence.  

4.  This Walk.

Because Baz enjoys the walks and sometimes I let Skylar walk down the street with him.

5.  This Find.

Because we've gotten into Geocaching and this Nano is a hard find.


• This Moment.

Because sometimes homework is even necessary during homeschooling too.

• This Crop.

So many cherry tomatoes already and we are super excited!

• This Kitty.

Because she's just sweet.

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