Five simple things

Another week down and another weekend here!  We had a great week and here are the things that made it awesome!

1.  This Family Day.

Because where the Mr. works they had what's called "Family Day."  We were allowed to come out to his work and tour the facility.  It was a blast!  I am totally a stickler for learning about what he does and although I am not into airplanes, I find what the Mr. does fascinating.  He works in the aerospace industry and all of it is just a big mental wonderland for me.  We had a blast and so grateful they allowed the workers' families to come and take a glimpse at what happens behind closed doors.

2.  This Coke.

Because we aren't Coke drinkers well, we aren't really soda drinkers at all, but I had to share this one with Jeff.  

3.  This Chair.

Because we are still on a hunt for some replacement Adirondack chairs and these seem perfect.  Only problem, these are already sold and they won't have more until next year.  :(  We will definitely grab them early next year, for sure, if we don't come across a good deal online in the mean time.

4.  These Ribs.

Because Jeff is one of the best BBQ'ers I know and boy can he BBQ some good ribs and chicken breast.

5.  This List.

Still trying to get used to buying certain things in the organic variety.  I print this list out and take it with me, but sometimes it's hard to buy organic when there isn't a choice in it.  I've gotten to where I change where I buy certain varieties to try to avoid pesticide residue too.  It's a slow process, but it is getting easier as I go.  My next challenge is to eat seasonal.


• This Gift Certificate.

Because our pizza was only a few minutes late and we got this as a sorry from the owner.  We weren't even the slightest bit upset and he gave it to us anyway.  Such a great guy and his pizza isn't bad either!  (Actually, it's the best!)

• This Rearranged Furniture.

Because it seems we have one too many couches in the living room now.  What to do, what to do.....

• This Little Snail.

Because reasons.  Cute reasons. 

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