Five simple things

Woooowhooo!  It's the weekend and this Saturday is a day to relax, for sure!  Here are the things that made my week awesome.

1.  This Slurpee.

Because today is actually 7-Eleven Day and you can get a free slurpee at any 7-11 today to celebrate!

2.  This Pool Time.

Because it's been very relaxing and I used the time to pose with my Yogi Surprise Box too.

3.  This Car.

Because we walked out of Shari's Restaurant one night and it was in the parking lot.  It reminded me of when my family was visiting from Arkansas.  I wasn't so much sad as I was laughing about it.  We get to see them soon again.  In October, to be exact,  Super excited!

4.  This Kid.

Because he is always making us laugh and he makes even the darkest days seem brighter.  We love him so!

5.  This Solar Oven.

Because we've been playing around with a lot of experiments in the Red Snail Classroom lately and this solar oven was one of our favorites.

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