Five simple things

July fourth is today and boy do we have a fun road trip ahead of us.  We are headed over to Newport to watch the fireworks from the south jetty.  I can't wait, but before that, here are the things that made my week awesome this week!

1.  These Donations.

Because at the change of every season, we learn to let go and live more simply.  We are following tips on living a minimalist lifestyle and it's a hard choice sometimes, but we are doing it.  I am going to start a series on my blog soon of how we go from a living large family to a living minimal family.  Stay tuned for that.

2.  These Berries.

Because even though they are overripe, they made the best jams and jellies.  You can see my tips on making great strawberry jams and syrups here.

3.  Our Brown Yard.

Because I decided to water it this year to see how much our water bill would be.  I am watering in the evenings while we eat dinner, and shutting it off before we go to bed,  We'll see if the watering is worth it.

4.  This Doggie.

5.  This Moment.

Because meditation and alone time is very important.  Even if you have a lot of alone time, meditation is a great way to get back to center.  Check out some ways to improve yourself at Diary of a Yogi.

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