Road Trip: Fourth of July in Newport

We decided to spend Fourth of July over at the coast this year and wow, was it ever a fantastic idea!  We hadn't been the coast since my Arkansas family came to visit in June, so it was a great trip to enjoy the coast and see some fireworks too!



We did a little photo shoot with the American flag while walking along the beach.  The beach front was rather populated because of the Fourth, so we walked a bit down the beach to find a more secluded area.

There was a lot of sea gooseberries along the sand on the beach.  These are always so interesting to me because they are so clear.

Baz always loves going to the coast.  He doesn't walk in the water, but sometimes he will just stand and stare out on the water.  I always wonder what he sees out there that we can't.


The Yaquina Bay Bridge always looks so pretty during the summer months.


As the sun went down the bay front was so bright with light from the sun.  One of the best views is the sun setting in the west.

We had a bite to eat before going out on the jetty to watch the fireworks.  Skylar tried his hand at the Monster Burger at the Newport Cafe.  He gave it his all, but he couldn't quite eat it all.  

We ended up sitting at the jetty for a few hours before the fireworks.  We had to get a good parking spot because, surprisingly enough to us, there was a lot more people than we expected.  We decided to see if we could order a pizza from Abby's.  


The delivery driver that brought the pizza was super nice.  I couldn't believe how excited he was to bring it to us.  We tipped him pretty good too!

We sat and ate our pizza and watched the fireworks.  It was a pretty neat way to end the night.  

We have decided to make this our yearly trip for July 4.

Since we were gone to the coast this year, we missed out on the Brownsville July 4th Breakfast.  Hopefully next year we can eat there before we head over the to coast.  

Hope your fourth was just as fun!

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