Five simple things

Another great weekend!   Here are the things that made my week awesome!

1.  This Menu Item.

Because it reminded me of my brother.

2.  This Essential Oil.

Because tea tree is a great essential oil and I enjoy using it anytime I need to cure my sneezing from my allergies.

3.  This Wreath.

Because it was a gift from my brother and his wife because we are Walking Dead fans,  It will be a great wreath to add to our door for Halloween.

4.  This Find.

Because I found it at an antique store and it's an old fire extinguisher grenade.  

5.  This Farm.

Because Christmas Tree Farms are all over the place here in the Valley.  This one seemed pretty enough to photograph.


• These Two Things.

Because they were seen along the Silver Creek Falls walk we took.  We went to the gift shop only in search of something for a Christmas gift.  We saw these two things along the way.

• These Cookies.

Because they are energy bites and they are homemade.  The same recipe as no bake cookies, but instead of rolled oats I used steel cut oats.  They were awesome!

• This Haircut.

Because it wasn't quite what Skylar wanted, but it's hair, so it will grow out in time.

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