Five simple things

It's Friday, a hot Friday here.  It got up to 101 here today, which isn't all that hot to me, since I am from Arkansas where the humidity is so high you can't breathe.  I love this kind of weather, it's pool weather!  Yay!  Well, here's what made my summer week awesome!  Be sure and link up with me each week below the post to share what made your weeks amazing.

1.  These Raspberries.

Because they came from our own raspberry bush and they taste amazing right off the vine.

2.  This Gnome.

Because it was a card and it was perfect for the occasion.  

3.  These Lucifer's Tongue.

Because they are growing like crazy already and so beautiful in front of the house.  

4.  This Carpet.

Because it was outdoors and now it's indoors.  It's the perfect shade to go in out great room.  It's called the Honeycomb Rug.

5.  These Vegetables.

Because they came from our garden and are delicious!

I have even been using the cucumbers for my Sassy Water Drinking.  

Want to join this link up?  Add your link below to share what made your week amazing!  This link up happens every Friday, so come back once a week and let's network.

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