Take a closer look at the trees (A spring walk)

One day this week, Daily Challenge suggested a walk to take notice of the trees.  We decided to take DC up on this challenge and check out our neighborhood trees this time of year.

Along with the trees, I couldn't help but stop and smell the flowers too.

My 80 year old rose bush.

Along with my own rose bush, Ralston Park has their very own rose garden you can walk through.  I've covered this park before in a post here, where the roses were in full bloom.  They are absolutely stunning when all of the colors come together.  




A marker still stands in the Ralston Park location in honor of Jeremiah Ralston.  The Ralston family was the first homesteading family of the Lebanon, Oregon area and Jeremiah Ralston was said to be the man that named Lebanon, Oregon after Lebanon, Tennessee because of the trees near the water that reminded him of his hometown in Tennessee.  



It was a great walk to view the trees and nature in our neighborhood.  We even saw a chalk drawing of trees on the city sidewalk.  Spring has sprung here in the Willamette Valley.

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