Five Simple Things

It's another Friday and I am so glad this the weekend.  Of course, my allergies have been wrecking havoc on my sinuses the last two days, but some rest and relaxation is much needed.  Looking forward to the next two days of doing nothing, but before that, here are the top five things that made my week amazing!

1.  This Poe reference

Because April is National Poetry Month and one of my favorite poets is Edgar Allen Poe and one of his all-time favorite poems is 'The Raven.'  And the Queen reference makes me laugh.

2.  This feature

Because my spring article for Examiner was featured on the main page for green writers.  I couldn't be more thrilled.  You can read my article here.  If you aren't a fan of my Facebook page for my Examiner articles, I'd love to have you like the page here.

3.  This "Box."

Because it was a nice surprise from Birchbox.  I receive their monthly shipments, as does Jeff with the Man Box, and we love them!  We've found so many great new products through their monthly boxes.  You can get your subscription going too for next month by visiting here and using my invitation code.  You'll love it!

4.  This Easter fun.

We made Easter egg garland with Washi Tape and hung it over the fireplace.

We did our annual Easter Egg Baseball Game, but had to call it early on account of the lightning that seemed to suddenly roll in out of nowhere. 

We also enjoyed this bunny rabbit and chicks petit fours from The Swiss Colony.  How cute are these?  They were almost too cute to eat.

5.  These Aprons

Because they are listings at The Peppermint Bee Farm.  They are listed for $15 and are hand painted.  Check them out here!

You can join in on this link up every week on Friday, by visiting North Carolina Charm and letting everyone know what five things made your week awesome!

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