Five simple things

It's another Friday, which means another great post.  I feel like there's more to share this week than just five things.  So I've decided to add everything that's made this week amazing!  

This Friday, I decided to link a few of my favorite Easter ideas I've been eyeballing on Pinterest.  Some of these ideas are just amazing and I love how creative people are.  If you aren't following me on Pinterest, I would LOVE to share pins with you.  Follow me here!

1. These Flower Pretzel Bites

2. These Easter Bunny Crayons

3. This Carrot-Shaped Cheese Ball

4. This Spring Bucket List
Because it was a great way to bring in the spring season in our Red Snail Classroom. You can get this Bucket List here.

5. This April Fool's Prank

Because I pulled it on Jeff and he actually fell for it.......for about 20 minutes. It was quite comical. I got the idea here and even made envelopes to make it seem real. I placed it in with the regular mail, so he had no clue it wasn't something that was actually mailed to him. 


The idea for this came from Pretty Prudent.

6. Our Earth Hour Celebration


We celebrated Earth Hour on March 28 (last Saturday) and I live Tweeted during the entire hour that the west coast went dark.  If you haven't heard about Earth Hour, or you're still contemplating on participating or not, check out some information here and here.  We also baked some Earth cookies to celebrate the event when we were in the dark, lit sparklers, and did shadow puppets while the lights were out.  We had a great time!


7. This Pac-Man Game

Along the April Fool's Day pranks, Google allowed you to turn your neighborhood into a Pac-Man game. It was awesome to play the streets of my own town and actually get a high score. 

8. This Homemaker Box

Because I am part of the Brit Kit Co-Op and this was March's Brit Kit along with the Homemakers' book Brit Morin wrote. The box was packed full of everything you would need to make many DIY crafts. It was a great kit and the book is amazing! Find both of them here.

9. This Easter Painting

Because these are new in my shop and I am pretty excited about them. I plan on adding more paintings into the shop in the future. You can grab these burlap paintings here.

10. These New Listings at The Peppermint Bee

I'd love for you to check out these two new listings and the burlap print paintings. While you're there, check out the Double Dot Earrings in black!

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