Road Trip: A weekend coastal getaway

For the past two weekends we have taken off to the coast.  It has been pretty calm weather over there lately, so we took advantage of a drive to get our feet wet.  Here's a few pictures from our little trek over to the Pacific Ocean.
The American flag standing tall at Salem, Oregon.

A beautiful view of Mt. Hood.

It was such a clear day I couldn't stop taking shots of the mountain.  So pretty, and the best part is, I get to see this almost daily.  It's amazing!

Mount Saint Helens was visible too.

The sun setting over the ocean was a beautiful sight too.

Beach love.  This wasn't ours, but it caught our attention because it was so big.  Whoever drew this heart into the sand meant business.  Too bad it was washed away a short time later by the tide coming in.  :(

The dogs loved running on the sandy beach.

I did find some awesome treasures before the tide did come up.

And we can't forget that Skylar did the "Truffle Shuffle" in front of the "Goonies" house when we drove through Astoria, Oregon!

Overall it was a great road trip two weekends in a row!

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