Touring the Bonneville Lock and Dam

During our road trip to ride on The Polar Express, we stopped into the Bonneville Lock and Dam to have their tour.  It was fascinating to see how water can produce electricity and we even got to see a 75+ year old sturgeon named Herman.  Here's a little recap of our "Dam Tour."

A wonderful view of the Columbia River was right outside our hotel window.  We arrive there at night, so we didn't see the view until the next morning.  It was amazing!  We also were chosen for the Flat Stanley project for my nephew in Arkansas, so we took Flat Ryan everywhere on our road trip. 

The fish ladders that the salmon swim up to go over the dam and travel along the Columbia River.  They actually have someone in a room under the water counting the fish as they travel these fish ladders.  It's pretty interesting.  (Notice Flat Ryan?)

The giant turbines.

Skylar got to be one of the kids that were parts of the turbines for the dam on how water electricity gets to your home.  The Park Ranger gave Skylar the "powerhouse" as part of the display. 

The cycle of water and electricity.  Proudly displayed under the American Flag.  

Flat Ryan checking out the Giant Turbines.

Park Ranger Paul showed Skylar and Flat Ryan around the Powerhouse at the Bonneville Dam. He said he knew all about the story of Flat Stanley and he was impressed with Flat Ryan's raincoat.

Skylar is into film lately and he likes to film all of the travels we go on.  He actually has a YouTube channel and you can check it out HERE.

The look at the Bonneville Dam from afar.

The view of the Bonneville Dam and Hydro Propeller displayed at the dam.

The Electric grid at the Dam.  It's so weird to think that electricity is so close to water.

Jeff showing Skylar the train that was traveling on the other side of the highway.  We are actually standing on top of the fish ladders at this point.  We are on the very top floor of the visitor's center at the dam/ the roof (perhaps, it could be called).

Driving over the top of the dam to leave.  You literally travel along some train tracks that used to be used.  They are not in service now days.

The gates of the dam that regulate the water flow.

After the dam tour we went to visit Herman the Sturgeon.  He is over 75 years old.  Flat Ryan got to get a selfie with him.  

The coolest license plate was in the parking lot when we were leaving too.  Whoever drives this car is clearly a "Sheldon Cooper" fan.

I even picked up some new stickers for my car while in Hood River.  These will be nice additions to my ever growing travel collection on my back window.  

You can find out more about the Bonneville Lock and Dam here.

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