Five Simple Things

It's another Friday and it's going to be a great weekend.  Unfortunately, we had a bit of a hiccup on Tuesday afternoon.  Jeff was on his way home and his work car took a dive.  Not sure, as of right now what's wrong with it, but I think it's time to look for something new.  We've had the Blazer for about eight years, so it's due for a new one.  We've been looking into getting something for me and letting him have the Jeep Compass, but we'll soon see what's in store.  We had to get it towed home and now it sits in the driveway just waiting for some TLC.


1.  This Picture.

Because even though it was a mess up, it turned out pretty neat.  I took it upon myself to create a heading for my Facebook page, for my blog.  You can see it here.  You can like the blog page on Facebook here, too!  

2.  This Coffee Quote.

Because it was my own quote I made on the Maxwell House Coffee website.  

3.  This Event.

This Saturday, March 27, we will be participating in Earth Hour.  If you don't know what Earth Hour is, it's a great event that helps reduce the pull on the energy resources on the planet.  You can find out more here.  See how we celebrated before.

4.  This Bookshelf Room.

Because one of these days I will have a room strictly for just books and reading.  A small "library-type" room within my home.  This one is a great space and gives me hope that it's actually doable.  Be sure to catch up on all the books posted in the SNS Reading List Page too.  This month's book is "I am Spock" by Leonard Nimoy

5.  These New Listings At The Peppermint Bee Shop.

Remember, Mother's Day is soon to come!  These two items are on the shop now and can be shipped next business day (M-F).  While you're there, check out the Digital Prints that are available in the shop for immediate download.

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