Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week

It's Friday!  YAY!  It's the weekend, so TGIF, everyone!  Here are the things that made my week awesome, this week!

1.  This place.

We are avid bicyclers, thanks to my dad, and we are so excited that the weather is changing into spring, so we can pull out bikes out once again and ride.  There isn't a lot of bicycle places around here, that you can go inside and sit down and relax, so when we travel we look for places that are cool and bicycler-friendly.  Even though we live four hours from Hood River, whenever we head that way, we just have to stop in at Dirty Finger Bikes.  They have "sometimes" the things we are looking for, but we honestly, just go in there for the atmosphere.  So check them out.  Here's their Facebook page.

2.  These Spotlights.

South North South's review of the Black Fresh Water Button Pearl Earrings was showcased on Pearl & Clasp's Facebook post and The Peppermint Bee was showcased on Field to Vase.  I am totally thrilled and honored to have both my blog, and my little lavender farm showcased on such great sites.  

3.  This Shadow.

Because the moon shone through at just the right time.

4.  This Garden Idea.


Because book bricks seem like a fantastic idea for gardens and flowerbeds.  This id definitely a project I'll be trying this summer!

5.  These Listings.

Because it means there's new things at The Peppermint Bee, including Digital Prints.  Check them out when you get a moment. 

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