Simple decor with vintage bottles

Vintage bottles are my weakness and when I started having a bit of an issue finding a home for all of them I decided to come up with a better decor plan.  Sticking with one of my New Year's Resolutions, I decided to make the decor as minimal as possible.  What better way than putting them up in a unique and eye-appealing way.  Here is what I did to achieve this quick, and easy bottle display.
I started with some simple bottles I gathered up throughout my house.  They were pretty much everywhere and perched on top of picture frames, bookshelves, and even window sills.  If you don't have bottles like the ones pictured above, you can always frequent antique stores, or second-hand stores to find them.

I used heavy twine.

Tied a loop around the bottle neck of each one.

And hung.

I filled each one with something different and eye-catching.  Feathers, dried flowers, lavender, etc.

The hung bottles seemed to mesh well with the other decor in the great room.

Now to figure out what to do with the other larger bottles.  Hmmmm.....

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