Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week

It's the weekend again and I am so happy.  The last few days, here in the Willamette Valley, the sun has been out and I feel almost guilty saying that because everyone else I know is getting snow and ice.  We've had a fair share of days without the warm sun, so the guilty isn't all that bad for me.  We are sure to get our share of winter weather still to come, we always do.  This sense of "false spring" always hits us right about now, so I am going to soak in these rays and not feel bad at all!  :)  Here is a bit of what made my week special.

1.  This Book Domino from the Seattle Public Library.  

Because it's totally awesome!

2.  These sweet kitty.

Because she's old and I love her.

3.  This bather.

Because Bluejays are quite annoying sometimes, but this one was fun to watch as he bathed for a long while.  

4.  This science project.

Because we aren't sure what to do with it quite yet, but it will be amazing when we do!

5.  This wall painting.

Because I free-handed it onto the kitchen wall, and I still like it every time I look at it.  


These balloons.

Because they were just floating by one day, out of nowhere.  

You can join this weekly five by visiting, Christina at North Carolina Charm and adding your link of five things that made your week, to her list.  What five things made your week special?  Join the link-up and let everyone know.  
Have a great weekend!

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