Five on Friday (Spark of Loves this Week)

It's Friday and that means another Five on Friday.  I've been on a little hiatus from the Five on Friday, but I'm back now and ready to tell you about all the fun things happening here on the west coast.  Here are the things that made my week, this week.

1.  These Halloween Finds:

Getting organized means finding things you forgot you had.  Could have used these at Halloween, but I just found them, so I will hold onto them and use them next year.  My goal for 2015 is for two simple things, get organized FINALLY, and get into shape.  Two simple goals should be easy to achieve.  *fingers crossed*

2.  This Karate Kid:


Skylar has been getting jiggy with it in karate class.  He is currently a purple belt, but moving on up in the colors to become a black belt.  I am so proud of him!

3.  Wrapping these Gifts:
It seems that Christmas doesn't end with my family until well after February.  That stands true for me, when it comes to mailing gifts to family and friends from Oregon to Arkansas.  I always say, it's great because it extends Christmas for everyone.  Funny enough, I will be mailing my parents their gift packages today.  

4.  This old Photo:

My Aunt Paula that lives in Oklahoma shared this old picture with my sister and me.  I love it so much!  I am the one that's second from the right.  My sister is on the far left.  My mom always dressed us in matching dresses for family gatherings and Easter.  
From left to right, Kendra (my sister), Kellie (my cousin), Kevin (my cousin), Sara (my cousin), Me, Chance (my cousin).

5.  This red Car: 

This Convertible Car is up for sale from us.  We have had it since Skylar was three, but it's just taking up space now.  If you're in the Willamette Valley, Oregon area, let us know if you can give this cute, fun car a new home.  Here's the listing on Craig's List with all the deets

One last thing.  I wanted to take this week and brag about one accomplishment I am very proud of.  I made the very last payment on my student loan recently and couldn't be more happy to be done with that payment.  After $58,000, I can officially say that I am student-loan debt-free.  Whoopee!

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