Trees of Mystery

Along with our Gold Beach trip, we decided to keep driving on day two and head down to California.  We went as far as Klamath, California to the Trees of Mystery.  We had a good time walking through the forest of red woods there and the weather, again, was completely amazing!

The Fallen Giant that grew to 320 feet high.

Redwood Bench.

The Sky Trail took us up into the redwood trees to be able to look across the land.  It was amazing!

Getting to the top was interesting, but the view was great!

When we left The Trees of Mystery and headed back to Gold Beach, the sun was setting and made the whole western skyline look like a painting.

The Thomas Creek Bridge.

When we got back to the hotel room that evening, there were deer just hanging out in the parking lot.  Skylar loved it!

Stay tuned for more photos from our Gold Beach road trip.

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