Time to break out fall nail colors

This is the best time of the year to switch out bright and shiny colors of the summer to fall, matte, and darker, earth-tone colors for fall and winter.  I prefer to bring out my darker earth-tone colors during the fall months, and save the silvers, whites, and dull golds for winter months, especially around Christmas.  Here are the colors I will be sporting this season for fall.

From top to bottom:

Revlon honestly doesn't make this color anymore, but you can get a few being sold on eBay, or even Etsy sellers looking to lighten their stash of "supply" polishes for nail art.  Revlon does carry a lot of other colors in the Top Speed though, that are just as pretty.

2. PRITI NYC Nontoxic Nail Polish in Mushroom color.

This polish came from Gaiam and was $13.  It's nontoxic, biodegradable and 100% vegan.  The colors vary from reds to darks and after two coats, it looks amazing.

This one was actually part of a sample collection from Birchbox back in January of this year, but you can pick up this color for $8.50.  It was a nice surprise because I wasn't expecting any nail color in that sample box, but I LOVE this color.  It's perfect for this time of year and it glides on so nice and smooth.  Color Club is one of my favorite nail polish companies too.

This color was picked up at Sally's Beauty Supply, but you can also order it only directly from the Orly website for $10.  I love this color because dark purple just says fall colors.  


This polish is just your basic black shade for about $8.  I do have the same brand in a gray color, but like I said before, I like to save those lighter, more magical colors, for around the Christmas and winter season.  They feel more like a snowy shade when I save them for that time of year.  This color is a basic black, but one coat of this polish you get the great solid color.  


There's so many great shades to compliment a fall outfit this season.  One place I love getting ideas from is Pinterest.  I recently came across this shade here. ↓▼↓

I'm loving the new matte nail colors this season too!  This gray is amazing!
What colors will you be wearing this fall?  Talk to me in the comments below!

Don't forget to try out some velvet colors, as well. These colors are from Nail Rock and come with a nail color and velvet powder to apply to the top of the nail. Check it out here!

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