The last part of our Pacific Coast Highway journey home

On the last leg home from our Gold Beach, Oregon trip to ride on the Jerry's Rogue Jets, we stopped to enjoy the view of the edge of the United States.  Remember, although it's the Pacific Coast, it technically is the farthest west you can go on the map of the United States before hitting the Pacific.  Which to me, is pretty dang cool.

This giant American Flag was in Bandon.  Only thing I wish was the wind was blowing to make it wave.

Lighthouse in Bandon, Oregon.

Cranberry bogs in Bandon, Oregon.  It was their annual cranberry festival while we were there too.  

The Ruddell's Cranberry Farm in Bandon, Oregon.

Historical Railroad Museum display in Coosbay, Oregon.

The jetty at Florence, Oregon.

The sand dunes in Florence, Oregon.

Historic bridge known as the Cape Creek Bridge.

We stayed a little bit longer in Alsea to watch the sun go down on the horizon of the Pacific.

Seagull feet.

.....And one little doggie was glad we were home again.

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