In the garden (October 25, 2014)

Things are slowly coming to a halt here with growing, but one thing is for sure, we grew so many pumpkins, we had our very own patch going on.  We cleaned up a bit in the garden today before the wind and rain storm hit our area pretty hard.  I was glad we got a lot done before it really picked up.

Good 'ole Oregon snails.

This pumpkin was by far, my very favorite.  I loved how it climbed the fence line and grew hanging from the fence.

Pumpkin rolling.

We ended up with about 16 pumpkins at the end of our cutting time in the garden.  It was great!

Baz sat pretty for about 10 seconds.......

...Then he said, "that's it, I'm out."

Now we get to go to a pumpkin patch and enjoy everything there without worrying about what pumpkins we wanted to get.  I hope we get as lucky with the pumpkins next year.

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