Road Trip: Hike along the Oregon Coast Trail

On our way back from our jet boat excursion, we hiked along the Oregon coast with a trail system called the Oregon Coast Trail.  There's a few of them along the path of the Pacific Coast Highway and you can see all of them at Our Oregon Coast website.  There's a lot of trails and paths that will lead you from the Pacific Coast Highway, or one of the many Oregon State Parks that will take you right down to the edge of the Pacific Coast.  

The view from the top of the trail.  

Parked in the parking lot was one of the Wicked Camper Vans.  If you live anywhere near the west coast you've seen these, but if not, you should check out their website.  It's totally groovy, and they seem to welcome the hippy lifestyle with these campers and encourage people to hit the road more with road trips, which is totally awesome!

The start of the Oregon Coast Trail hike that we took.

Skylar lead the way as our "trail guide."  

Blackberries and raspberries were growing wild along the trail edge.

A pretty patch of small Wild Golden Asters was growing along the path as well.

The view once we hiked over the crest of the hill.  How pretty is that view?

We found a small beach area over the edge of the trail.

It was a beautiful hike and one that was a perfect end to our trip to Gold Beach.

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