Five on Friday (Spark of Loves this Week)

I've joined the "rat pack" again for the Five on Friday posts each week.  When Christina from North Carolina Charm took a bit of a break, I decided to take one as well.  But everyone is back on track and here's what happened in my week.

1.  This New Affiliate.

If you use Instagram, why not make more of your wonderful photos?  With Inkifi you can!  They create lovely framed and photo prints of your wonderful creations on Instagram.  Inkifi will now sit nicely on the right-hand side of my blog with the other great affiliates and sponsors of South North South, so show them some love sometimes.  And hey! If we don't follow each other on there, let's fix that.  Find me @sh3llysh3lly on Instagram.

2.  These Masks

Because they were this month's Brit+Co Brit Kit, and they were a blast to make!  

Karen, my mother-in-law, and Skylar had a blast modeling them for me.  

Velcro Brand helped bring this Brit-Co Brit Kit together this month, so thanks Velcro Brand!

You can find out more about them HERE!

3.  These Filberts/Hazelnuts

Because they are falling from the trees this time of year here in Oregon and they are so fun to harvest and combine in recipes like cookies.

4.  This Airplane and these Milkshakes.

Because this Styrofoam airplane, from the local hobby store, has provided countless hours of entertainment for Skylar, and he loves it!  ....And the milkshakes because like father like son, and the boys loved them!

5.  This Haircut

Because this week, I donated a little over half-a-yard of my hair to Wigs for Kids at Great Clips. Wigs for Kids offers real hair wigs to children battling cancers and helps restore their self esteem. I love the short hair and this cut will take some time to get used to, but the beachy waves worked out great with my natural curls! You can find out more about Wigs for Kids here

This Mary Kay Party!

I'm not really one to use Mary Kay, but this party was a blast, and the makeover was amazing!  I went to it last night at a friend's house and we tried all sorts of products.  My skin has never felt so soft today.

Want to link up with this Five on Friday?  Visit here every Friday and add you favorites from the week that you want to share with others.


  1. Great fun this week! Stopping by from the Five on Friday linky. Those giant ariplanes are so much fun--milkshakes, too. I love finding people who donate their hair to Locks of Love and others. It is such a wonderful program. Have a great weekend!

  2. That airplane was a blast! After awhile my husband was figuring out ways to help it do tricks better; Electrical tape on the wings, thumbtacks on the nose, etc. Ha! Thanks so much for stopping by!