In the garden (September 28)

Things are slowly coming to a halt here in the garden.  Our broccoli and dill are still growing like crazy, but everything else is slowly starting to finish their season of glory.  The pumpkins are looking lovely though and we can't wait to cut them and use them in our fall decor.

We've had so much dill this growing season, I've started jarring the seeds for planting next season.  I've been collecting lavender blooms as well, which I enjoy a lot!

We've started saving seeds from other growth as well.  The beans and peas are always the easiest to save.  

We are still waiting patiently on our pepper plants to show signs of a bloom.  So far, nothing.  We'll see what happens with it before the growing season ends.  


The last few days we've had a little rain here and there.  It rained pretty heavy for about an hour this week, so that has helped with how dry everything has been here.

The rain seems to have brought out the rolly pollies too.  

The front flowerbed sure enjoyed the rain shower.

I've added a lot of colorful flowers this year, in hopes of encouraging honey bees to come around more.  It seems to have worked!  They are loving the sunflowers!

Yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes have been growing strong.  

I've been making a lot of sassy water with the cucumbers.  If you don't know what sassy water is, you're going to love it!  I like to add cucumbers and mangoes to mine.  Check out all these different ways you can flavor your own water naturally via Pinterest.

Loving the haul of carrots coming too!

We have been enjoying them daily, if not weekly.  So yummy!

Gotta love the gardening manicure that comes with not wearing gardening gloves.  :)


So now we anxiously wait for all of the pumpkins to ripen up and for the rest of the plants to give us a good harvest before the weather turns colder.

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