In the garden

Our garden currently is flourishing.  We are trying so hard to contain the vines from the pumpkin plants, but they seem to have a mind of their own this year.  Here is an update on our garden this growing season.  

Dirt came, we filled the beds, and planted the seeds.

All while the Hawthorne trees were parading their pretty pink beauty.

The seeds started to slowly take off, and now everything looks amazing!

The lavender plants from their old home to their new home.  Wine barrels work great for containing them for temporary growing.

Dill!  Lots and lots of dill!

Carrots and yellow sqaush.


Sugar snap peas.

Our golden raspberry seemed to peak this year as well!  Skylar was so excited that he could pick raspberries off the vine this year and pop them right in his mouth.

This before shot was taken about two weeks into June.  The garden is flourishing now!

Black-eyed Susan growing through the fence.

Skylar relaxing under the Gazebo.

Peas: The handy backyard snack.

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