Our Garden Currently: The dirt is here

The dirt has arrived and we have filled four of the planned six raised beds with the earthy goodness.  We will continue to work on them after Easter weekend.  And get the plot laid out for the lavender plants that will be planted in the middle of the bed layout.  Here's hoping the rain lets up a little for Easter Sunday and our Easter Baseball.  (Easter Baseball 2012 and 2013)

Love the pile of rich soil that came spilling out.

11 yards later and he was done.

We started immediately on the beds.  Laying down a liner and stapling it to the ground.  The year before we went with just newspaper and the grass took over so quickly.  We are more into the "all-natural" way of growing, but combating the grass apocalypse is not something we want to do again.  We also planted beans, snap peas, sugar peas, and raspberries along the back fence line.  Our make-shift set up should allow them to climb with ease.  

Raspberries and peas ready to climb the wires of the fence.

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