Our snowy wonderland

We have had quite the white wonderland here in the Willamette Valley lately.  We got a solid downfall of snow for two days, and then it was all perfectly preserved in a sheet of ice.  The roads and highways were such a mess, and the snow plows were working overtime.  But now the sun as peeked out and the rain has come in a few days here and there and washed it all away.  Before the snow got too deep to even walk through, we went out and about to capture some pictures and have some fun.

Photo 1: On Instagram/ Photo 2: with digital point and shoot

We decided to brave the snowy/ice mix and take a walk to the theater to watch The LEGO Movie.  Super snowy fun!


  1. Hi Shelly. Thanks for your kind words on our Shortbread Brownies at Caramel Potatoes! You must be a girl after my own heart - how can you ever go wrong with brownies! I thought I'd come by and visit your site. These snow pictures are gorgeous. I grew up in the Northwest, but being in Texas now I really miss the snow and the beauty of it! Have a great day!

  2. Thanks so much, Kyra! It was so beautiful for awhile, but then when the snow started to melt it was a mess! I actually grew up in the south and now live in the northwest,haha. Thanks for stopping by! I am going to head over to your blog now and find me some more goodies to bake. :)