Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week

It's another Friday here in the Willamette Valley, and that means another Five on Friday hosted by Carolina Charm!  This week as been rather foggy here in the Valley, but cleared out by Thursday, and the sun came out!  YAY!  Today it is sunny and even the birds are happy about that!  So here are my Five on Friday for this week.

1.  This Hook.

Because I wanted something to hold the dog leases and these birdies fit the job perfectly. Pick up one similar HERE!

2.  These Birds.

For landing in our yard and taking off ever so gracefully.

3.  This DIY.

Because it was part of the Brit Kit Co-Op and you it was a blast!  Read more HERE!

4.  This Soap.

Because I made it by hand and it's the best soap I have ever used.  No bias there, right?  Well, you can grab you a bar of this wonderful soap from my Etsy shop HERE!

5.  This License Plate.

Because it is now being represented on my car currently.  Looks wonderful.  Learn more about the Wine Country license plate HERE!

What happened this time last year?

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