Christmas and New Year's 2013

Finally an update on our Christmas and New Year's this year.  With being hurt, sick, or whatever seemed to have graced its presents in our house right after the New Year, I am finally able to go through my Christmas and New Year's photos to share them.

This year was a fun year for us.  We had the most gorgeous tree, and I loved how amazing it looked in the front window.  I had fun just putting the ornaments on the thick branches, and Skylar got to finally get his "living" Christmas tree in his room.  

For our living room tree, we went with a Norwegian Spruce.  She was a delight all the way around.  We just loved her from the beginning.  Skylar ended up naming her Keanth.  

For Skylar's tree, he went with a Colorado Spruce for his room.  He had a blast hanging his little ornaments this year.  He is at that age where everything is important to him, so he hung the important ornaments on his tree.

A few more birds to add to the tree this year.

A metal Cardinal, a glass pheasant, and a white owl.

This Christmas was one that I really enjoyed.  From finding fun gifts for the family members on both sides, like the 6 Stitch Gloves Kit, to shopping for Skylar.  If you aren't familiar with the 6 Stitch Gloves Kit, check it out here!  

One of the best gifts I have found that allow the user to be in full control of how they want the gloves to look with their stitching.  With touch-screen gloves being all the rage right now, these were definitely a hit!

This year, when Skylar went to see Santa at Macy's, he asked him for very specific gifts.  A Kindle Fire HDX, some items for the Red Snail classroom, and some LEGO City pieces.  Of course, Santa came through on all of them!

We sat out chocolate milk and cookies for the big man, as well as some carrots for the reindeer, and the magic key, so he can come inside the house.  (Since we don't have a fireplace chimney)

We made over-sized gingerbread men Christmas night, and wouldn't you know it, mine was the only one left with his arms and legs the following morning.  

Santa always seems to leave his "magic dust" when he leaves.  Such a messy guy!  (Interested in making some reindeer dust?)

Skylar decorated some of the brown wrapping paper this year.  He has always wanted to help me wrap, so this is the best way to incorporate a good wrap job, and an original work of art.  

Since we don't have a fireplace mantel, the stockings were hung by the peace wreath with care.  

A few of my Christmas cards came from an Outlander fan group I am part of.  The ornament on the right is one of these ornament exchanges we did within the group.  If you aren't a fan of Outlander, or have no idea what I am talking about, check more out about it HERE!

My Christmas Card Tree with all the wonderful Christmas cards we received this year.  The very top one...

Made its way to us all the way from New Zealand!

We sat up most of the night doing some fun Christmas things, and watched Santa make his way through the world on the Norad Santa Tracker.  We even watched him pass over Arkansas.

For New Year's this year, we had New Year's dinner with the Wilkerson family at a Bing's Chinese restaurant.

We then quickly headed back home to watch the ball drop in Time's Square.  Of course, we missed it dropping for the east coast, but we were able to be on the same time as Central, and of course, last but definitely not least, for the west coast.

This was Skylar's tenth New Year's so he had a bit more fun this year with some poppers and snap-its when the clock hit midnight.  I am surprised he made it until 12:00a.m.!

We ate our Black-eye Peas for good luck and ended up enjoying these wonderful beauties for two nights in a row after the first.

No one thought to look for the "Magic Pickle" in the old radio turntable, so I got to open the first gift.  You can read about our yearly "pickle ornament" HERE!  (You can also follow me on Instagram @sh3llysh3lly)

The following morning we enjoyed some buttermilk and blueberry pancakes with lavender syrup, along with some fresh-squeezed orange juice.  Everyone slept in and this breakfast wasn't enjoyed until about noon, which made it extra special!

Starting this year (New Year's Day), as we are taking down the Christmas decorations, we take some clear ornaments and write 10 things we are thankful for from the following year.  So this year we wrote down 10 things we are thankful for from 2013.  We fold the paper up and place it inside the ornament to add to the tree the following year.  Since this was my son's tenth Christmas, and New Year's this tradition is something I think will be great to look back on another 10 years from now.  Skylar was red, Jeff was green, and I was yellow.  I can't wait to read them in a year!  

The ornaments we used are from Michael's clearance and I snagged all three for under $2!

As with anything, all good things must come to an end.  I really don't like this time of year, when all the fun, pretty, and festive decorations have to come down and be packed away for another 365 days.  But that's okay, if it was every month, or every day, I wouldn't love the holiday so much. 

Jeff took our tree out on New Year's Day with a sad face.  :(
(Notice the Valentine's Banner hanging down from the shadows of the ceiling)  :)
And not to forget, every December 22 I celebrate another year with  If you would like to check out my work or follow my writings, find me HERE and HERE!

Hope your Christmas and New Year's were just as festive and full of love as ours.

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