Thanksgiving 2013

We had such a great Thanksgiving this year.  We have quite a lot to be thankful for, from rekindling the love in our marriage, to my mom pulling through her heart surgery completely.  This year seems to be the year of being so thankful for so many things in my life.  We tend to forget sometimes, what it is to really be thankful for in our lives.  That's one reason that the three of us, Jeff, Skylar, and I, like to spend the Thanksgiving holiday to ourselves and reflect on what's really important.  It gives us a chance to really bring together the year and reflect on what's truly important.  The holidays have nothing to do with stress, negativity, or even the food.  They are a lot more than gifts, the weather, or people in it that cause harm to our spirit.  Thanksgiving to us mean a lost more than anyone can ever imagine, and I am sure they mean a lot more in your home as well.  Here is a recap of our Thanks......Giving.

The decorations include the lantern that changes with the seasons.

I love to see my kitchen counters covered with food, prep, and love on this day!

This is my favorite thing to make, my Thanksgiving stuffing, I refuse to let the secret out on how I make mine.  I have seen so many people make "their" version of stuffing, and no one adds my "secret" ingredient.  :D

The apples getting prepared to be placed into a pie.

How cute is this table cloth?  It gave Skylar a lot to do while I was setting the table.  He loved it!  I picked this one up at Michael's.

The table is getting set.  I let Skylar set the table any way he wanted, so being a boy, he didn't think to add the fancy decor.  But it was his time, so I loved whatever tablescape he came up with.  I think it looks lovely.

We added a giant poinsettia and our homemade tee pees to the tablescape.  

The garlic, cheddar biscuits were the hit of the table.

Jeff carved the turkey, as he does every year.

After we ate, we all sat and put together the Oreo Turkey Pops that came from Brit+Co.  You can still snag these Turkey Pops, while supplies last, on the Brit+Co Shop Site here.

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