For the last week we have had the most amazing beauty all around us.  A heavy snowfall of about four-five inches has been hanging around here on the Willamette Valley floor.  We woke up to a fluffy downfall, and have played in it every since.  

We got, in total, about five-inches.

After playing in the snow most of the day, we took a walk to the local park to see the Christmas lights against the white snow.  Skylar wanted to ride in his sled through the snow.  It was such a fun, and beautiful walk for the three of us.

We met up with Scottie (Skylar's cousin) while we were there too!  She was out for a snow walk as well.

The cities living Christmas tree all lit up for Christmas!

Before we walked back home we stopped off at the local candy store to grab some handmade chocolates.  

The next few weeks were full of slick and snowy fun trying to get around town.  We had some errands to run throughout the week, so we were eager to try out the Compass on the roads.  It handled wonderfully!

Skylar loved the snow piles that were scraped up by the snow plows in the parking lots everywhere we went.  He had to climb to the top of each one and conquer them like a king.

We have been baking and cooking at home since the snow came down.  Nothing is more enjoyable than warm, blueberry muffins on a snowy morning.

We had a fiesta taco night too.  Watching the snow fall in the background was really magical.

We've also been keeping away the seasonal ills with essential oils.
A good blend during cold season:

3 drops Peppermint essential oil
3 drops Lemon essential oil
4 drops Oregano or Tea Tree essential oil
5 drops Eucalyptus essential oil

Add these to a diffuser.

We have even put together a few puzzles.

What happened this time last year?  

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