Newport, Oregon at Christmas

After picking out the most wonderful Christmas tree this year, we headed over to the Newport coast to spend the evening.  Yes, we actually drove to the coast with a tree on top of our car and it was quite fun!

We hit all of the Oregon Coast Aquarium and ended the evening eating at our favorite coastal eatery, Mo's.  Here is a recap of our fun night over on the Pacific Coast.

The NOAA fleet was parked along the bay front while we were there.  It was a bit foggy, but it was still an interesting view.  The Coast Guard ships were cruising up and down the bay front as well.  The lights from their ships almost looked like Christmas lights.

After watching the ships move around the bay front, we headed to Mo's to have some clam chowder and hot cocoa.  I just loved how our tree looked on top of the car; so festive!

"Rain or shine, Mo's is always fine."

While at Mo's we had a few oyster shooters.  If you haven't had these, they are fab!  (If you like seafood).
Love them!

The Coast Guard station at Newport was all festive for the holidays.  

After Mo's we walked through the Sea of Lights at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

The entire aquarium was decorated for the holidays and was so very pretty.

We played with the starfish a little while we were there.  

And watched Santa scuba dive into the tanks to talk with the kids about ocean life.  

He even asked each child (there was about 20) what they wanted for Christmas.

And he sang them a few Christmas carols and answered questions.

We then headed out to the otter tank to see the otters playing.

They were quite funny to watch.

We walked through the aquarium tunnel and looked at stingrays, rock fish, and even sharks.  All fish native to the Pacific Coast.

The octopus was out and about in the tank too, and watched us very closely.

We had a fun time over at the coast during Christmas.  We drove through the town and looked at all of the holiday lights and decorations.  It is so very pretty this time of year.

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