Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week (and winner of the Girls' Life Giveaway)

Another Friday, yippee!  Can you believe that Christmas is only five days away?  Where in the world did the year go.  I am super excited about this year though because my son will be celebrating his tenth Christmas.  How exciting is that?  He is such a cool little dude!  I can't wait for him to see what Santa has left for him this year under our tree.  

But before I rush Christmas, it's still Friday, December 20 and here are my Five on Friday.

1.  These Chocolates.

Because they came from the local candy man and they are delicious.  

2.  This Christmas Card.

Because it was the first one of the season and it came all the way from New Zealand from a special friend.

3.  These Fruit Leathers.

Because we made them and they were absolutely delicious!

4.  This DIY Box.

Because it came from Darby Smart and it made my day!

And the winner of the Darby Smart and Girls' Life Honor Giveaway......
Congratulations Ashley E.!  I will contact you via email with details!

5.  This Bed Foundation.

Because it is finally one that is working with our tiny loft-type bedroom upstairs.  More on this later.
If you want to learn tips on living in a small space, check out Reading My Tea Leaves:  Life in a Tiny Apartment.

Other places I've been this week:

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