Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week

Yay for Friday!  Today seems to be the day for superstition, but it's just Friday to me.  So excited to share my Five on Friday with you.  Here are the great things that made my week.  

1.  These Containers.

Because they are helping me store more bulk items as I buy them.  The top jars are Ball jars, but the bottom ones can be found here.

2.  This Soup.

Because nothing is better than a nice bowl of hot soup.  This soup is butternut squash soup. So yummy!

3.  These Antiques.

Because, I've been on an antique purchasing binge lately.  I found these wonderful items at a local shop here in town.  The LOOK magazine issue, with Elizabeth Taylor on it, was a fun read.

4.  This Hat.

Because it makes the little boy under it so happy.

5.  These Cookies.

Because they were fun to make.  And even more fun to eat!

Hope your Friday is the best!

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