Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week

It's Friday!  Yay!  And currently we have about four to five inches of snow on the ground here in Oregon.  The Willamette Valley is always a fun place to live because we get a lot of rain, a lot of snow, and a lot of sun.  It just depends on the time of year.  My son, Skylar is out making snow angels still and he has hit the kitchen window with about eight snowballs so far.  Super fun!  

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So with that, here are my Five on Friday loves!

1.  This Soup.

Because it was tasty and came from the local cafe here in town.  Although I love homemade butternut squash soup, this was definitely a nice, warm comfort to enjoy on a cold night.

2.  This Package.

Because it came just in the nick of time.  We have been reading "A Series of Unfortunate Events" in the Red Snail Classroom and just finished the first book, so the second came right on time.  We even made Puttanesca Sauce to celebrate finishing the book!

3.  This Research.

In our Red Snail Classroom we have been studying history facts from the 1960s.  This was one of those moments where some computer research was needed.  Things are so different now days, with finding out facts.  I remember having to research for hours in the library from actual books.  Now everything you need to know can be found from just a few clicks and buttons.  

4.  These Pictures.

Because this year marks the tenth Christmas for my little Skylar.  Of course, he turned 10 this past September and isn't so little anymore, but to me he is always my little baby boy.  This picture above was his first Christmas back in 2003 when we lived in Arkansas, and the ones below it are his third Christmas, in Oregon.  Such happy memories have been made in the past 10 years.  You can see the full album from Christmases past here.

5.  This Ice Cream.

Because recently the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers played in their Civil War game.  Of course, the Ducks came out on top, but it was a very intense game.  I'm talking, edge of your seat action!  So to honor the moment of the civil war, we purchased the Duck Tracks and Beaver Tracks ice cream from Umpqua, a local dairy here in Oregon.  The Duck Tracks were finished off first, in honor of the Ducks win, but for some reason no one really touched the Beaver Tracks.  hmmmm....

Eco -Tip:  When looking to wrap your holiday gifts this year, use the alternative of newspaper and brown paper bags instead.  Some wrapping paper isn't biodegradeable and therefore can't be recycled either.  Using a more eco-friendly alternative will be a great message to go more green for the gift receivers, as well.  You can read more about ways to green up your holiday by visiting the Green Living section at  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me:  Go Green.

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