12 days of Christmas pinspiration (day 12) DIY: Leave your holiday boots at the door

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Day Twelve:

Holiday Boots
from:  South North South

I love the holidays, as do tons of other people, but the one thing I love the most about the holidays; THE DIY CRAFTS!  For the last 11 days I have posted all sorts of great DIY ideas to add to your Christmas decor this year.  From gift tags to wreaths, there was a bit of everything this year for the "12 Days of Christmas Pinspiration."

And to add to that DIY theme, here is a fun and festive way to bring the holidays to your front door in lieu of a Christmas wreath.

What you'll need:

1.  Old rubber boots
2.  Outdoor/All-weather paints (I went with red and white)
3.  Greenery or Garland
4.  Decorations
5.  Burlap
6.  Holiday Ribbon

• Tools:
1.  Drill with bit
2.  Glue (E-6000 is best)
3.  Twine
4.  Door Hanger Hook

Start by washing the old boots with soap and water.  I used an old pair of Skylar's rubber boots from last year.  He wanted to keep them, so they worked perfect for this project.

Once the boots are dry from washing, apply your paints.  You can pretty much be as free or as disciplined with this step as you want.  If you want to use them after the holidays, then a free design that can work year around would be best.  I stuck with the Christmas theme and painted a red and white design.

After the main colors were dry I applied white polka dots to the red for a more festive design.  The eraser of a pencil works great for this.  Just dip the eraser in the paint and dot it up.

Once you've painted on your design, allow about 72 hours to dry completely, or as your paint instructions direct on the bottle.  The brand I used was DecoArt and needs to cure completely for 72 hours.

When the paint is dry, drill a small, to medium-sized hole in the "sleeve" of the boot where you want the ribbon to tie on.

Attaching a contrasting color ribbon and tie to secure.

Finally, add in your mix of spray, twigs, or clippings.  I used some small clippings from our Christmas tree when we brought home.  I also used one of these.

Add in as much or as little garland, or greenery as you like.  Even holy branches would look amazing too!

Hang from a door hook and enjoy!

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Merry Christmas!

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