12 days of Christmas pinspiration (day nine)

Day Nine:

Dipped Pine Cone Wreath
from:  Style at Home

What you'll need:

1.  Brown spray paint
2.  16" Styrofoam wreath
3.  Wire
4.  50 large-sized pine cones
5.  100 medium-sized pine cones
6.  30 mini pine cones
7.  Latex paint
8.  Rod
9.  Paint tray
10. Glue gun
11. Ribbon

Spray paint the Styrofoam wreath and let fully dry.  Using a piece of wire secured to the base of the pine cone, dip directly into the paint can. Once completely covered, attach the other end of the wire to a rod and let drip dry into a paint tray. Repeat this process with a selection of different-sized pine cones. Let fully dry. (Note: When pine cones get wet, they have a tendency to close up, so you may need more than you think.)

Using a glue gun, adhere the unpainted large- and medium-sized pine cones to three- quarters of the wreath, holding each in place until the glue hardens. Use the small pine cones to fill in any gaps.  Finish with the painted pine cones using the same method described above.  Hang in a spot indoors with a pretty ribbon.

Be sure and visit Style at Home to get other great DIY ideas to brighten your home this season.

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