12 days of Christmas pinspiration (day five)

Day Five:

DIY Indoor Snowmen
from:   Favethings via MPMK

What you'll need:

2 boxes of cornstarch
Can of foaming shaving cream
Box or plastic container
Sheet or tarp or even newspaper
Any random materials you have around your house

Add the contents to the container and mix to combine.  Now the kids, or even you, can smash and play just like if playing in real snow.  Of course, it won't be as cold, but it can be as fun!  You can make snowmen, igloos, and even small snowballs all in the comfort of a warm house.

Be sure and visit Favethings to see more awesome DIY activities and other favorite things, added by readers, that will add to your holiday fun this year.

12 Days of Christmas Pinspiration (day five)-2012

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