Halloween (2013)

Halloween this year was a blast.  More time was spent visiting friends and passing out candy than trick-or-treating, but all three of us had a super time.  A few days before Halloween we placed out our decorations.  During the holidays, especially Halloween, we always like to make the front area look fun.  The Mr. placed the giant, paper stuffed spider on top of the roof, and I hung a festive wreath on the door, but we didn't stop there.

This wreath was the same one that I made following Little Miss Momma's tutorial a few months back here.  Since I loved it so much I decided I was going to keep it on the door even for Halloween, but thankfully I came across a way to dress it up thanks to Lil Luna's Halloween Wreath Roundup.  Of course, I put my own twist on it, but still, it turned out wonderfully!  

The giant spider going up on the roof.  Now this was a comical moment seeing as the wind was blowing and not helping one bit.  I will admit, I was a bit tickled watching The Mr. wrestle with the huge thing.

The night of Halloween all of the decorations came together and looked "spooky.".  We got about 380 trick-or-treaters throughout the night, but that's actually less that the years before. The Bean went as a brown barn owl this year and he looked marvelous!  

The owl sweeping through the picture.

We went through about eight, large bags of candy, and two bags of Halloween party favors!

The Bean always gets Halloween surprises too! (Thanks Grandma, Uncle Will, and Aunt Kayla!)

We always decorate the inside of the house too, just for ourselves.  These fun decorations come from the Red Snail Classroom on a day we had a little Art appreciation. You can follow along with what our classroom does by visiting our Red Snail blog here.

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