LEGO Kids Fest 2013

This past September, along with Skylar's many birthday gifts, we gave him tickets to the LEGO Kids Fest in Portland.  He has love LEGOS since he was two, so this was the perfect place to let go of his creativity and have at it.  

The LEGO Kids Fest have everything a LEGO lover could ask for, from their huge pile of bricks, to the creativity zone/World map of LEGOS.  Here is a recap of our day at LEGO Kids Fest 2013.

We decided to stay the night up in Portland the night before, so we weren't spending most of the day driving on the day of the LEGO Fest.

We stayed at the SpringHill Suites close to the Portland Airport.  We chose it because it had a huge indoor pool area.

We even got to eat at Popeye's Chicken.  Of course, this is definitely a rare occasion for us because there isn't a Popeye's around where we live.  It might be a good thing since we all love their food!

The LEGO Kids Fest was held at the Oregon Convention Center this year.  

Our tickets were digital, so we were able to keep them as a souvenir when the event was over.

Once inside Skylar immediately pointed out Darth Maul and Boba Fett from Star Wars. from LEGO Star Wars.

We then found the LEGO Kid's Club booth and Skylar received his LEGO gift for being part of the club.  He got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to add to his collection of Minifigures.

Then came the life-size Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars. It was amazing to me that every little piece of the display was a LEGO.

Dumbledore from Harry Potter.

R2-D2 and C3-PO from Star Wars.

Chewbacca, (Chewie) from Star Wars

LEGO Yoda from LEGO Star Wars

Harry Potter display

LEGO Ninjago display

The World Map of LEGOS.  You were given a bucket of LEGOS to build something to add to the map.

Skylar built a free-floating spaceship that was added to the state of Washington.

If you look closely you can see it right below the middle, red tower.

While we were looking for Skylar's spaceship we noticed someone had added a "Closed" sign to the state of Washington D.C.  

The state of New York was pretty neat too.

The entire layout was pretty neat, so Jeff and I decided that there was something missing from Oregon and Arkansas.

With our "Go Hogs" and "Go Ducks" LEGO signs we payed respects to our homelands. 

My "Go Hogs" LEGO sign was easy to spot in the middle of the map because of the lack of Arkansas LEGOS.  :(

After putting together our wonderful creations we headed over to the LEGO City display.

We spotted the LEGO Fireman right away.  The entire form was made completely out of LEGOS and glued together.

We found the LEGO bridge that had conveyor belts moving across it.

And speaking of bridges, there was a group contest that allowed the kids to make a bridge-type structure to be entered in the weight contest.  Whichever group's bridge lasted the longest while weight was being placed on it, won a small LEGO prize.  The last bridge was under 175 lbs. of pressure before it finally collapsed.  175 lbs!

We found the Krusty Krab and Sponge Bob while we were there.

Skylar got to make a Krabby Patty too!

There was so much to do with LEGOS at times we forgot we were adults and got lost in the fun.
After Sponge Bob and the shark, we headed over to the "HUGE" Brick Pile.

Skylar got a running start and jumped right into the pile, as if they were leaves.

We stayed here for about an two hours watching Skylar get buried in the bricks like it was sand.

He loved it!

On our way out, we met many other LEGO-built figures like, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Ron Weasley and Harry Potter

And a huge display of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The entire display was built out of LEGO singles.

It looked like pixels on a screen close up.  It was very impressive!

We saw the Incredible Hulk, and a live-sized lion made out of the Duplo bricks.

The LEGO man was our favorite though.  He stood a whopping 5'7," almost as tall as Jeff!

We had a great time!

On our way home we met up with our good friend MacKenzie and met her new boyfriend, Mike, but most of all we got to see her new baby, Addi.  We ended up meeting at Hooters in Jantzen Beach and watching the rest of the Oregon DUCKS game too!  And they won!  GO DUCKS!


Skylar was so excited to hold the baby.

We all had a super fun day and the Kids Fest is something that we will check out again!

You can find out more about the LEGO Kids Fest from their site here!

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