Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week

It's Friday and time for another Five on Friday linkup with Christina over at Carolina Charm.  Here are the Five errr Ten things actually, that made my week special.

1.  This cup of soup.

Because I was home by myself on Monday and it seemed like a nice, quiet, less involved dinner to make.  I am not ashamed.

2.  This note to the Tooth Fairy.

Because my ten-year-old is losing the last of his baby teeth and it makes mommy sad.

3.  This Frozen Treat.

Because it's about time someone made these, and they are only 60 calories too!

4.  This Robin's Nest.

Because I finally found the perfect spot for it.

5.  This Movie Outing.

Because it was fun.  We live less than three blocks from our local theater, so we took off on foot and watched a movie, stuffed our faces with popcorn, and had a night of it.  We have decided to make this a special thing every other week on Wednesdays.  Free Birds is a cute movie too, go see it!

6.  This Cheesecake.

Because I made it and it was delicious!  Grab some washi tape and paper straws here from Brit+Co to make the little flags on top like I did.

7.  This Peach.

Because it was too good to pass up even if it isn't in season.

8.  My Christmas Cacti.

Because she's lovely this time of year.

9.  This Veteran's Day Project.

Because we love doing crafts in the Rain Valley Classroom.  See what we are up to week-to-week here.

10.  These Sugar Cookies.

Because Skylar and I made them and they were yummy.  And who doesn't like a sugar cookie shaped like a bone?  :)

Eco-Tip:  Use paper bags when lining your small garbage cans instead of plastic.  Paper will end up in the landfill just the same, but unlike plastic, it will actually break down faster.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me:  Go Green.

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