DIY: Soy candles

DIY is the way to go anymore and with so many ways to do it, your possibilities are endless.  This is a marker movement we have going on currently, so anything and everything, and anyone who's anyone is making things. From the outlets such as Pinterest, to DIY kits being sold on Etsy, there is no stopping you once you catch the DIY bug.  With that, DIY movement companies have popped up all over the place with their own ways to push the DIY movement further.  Once of those companies is Darby Smart!

Darby Smart was founded with the idea of bringing DIY straight to your door.  Their kits arrive with everything you need to create stylish, functional, easy to do crafts and DIY activities.  Recently I received the soy candles kit and boy was it a blast!  The kit arrived with everything I needed!  It even arrived with a handwritten note, what a great touch!

My soy candle kit contained the soy wax, of course.

Wax colors in red, blue, and yellow.

The glass votive holders.

Bamboo sticks to hold the wick.

And scents in bacon (ha!), Spice Pumpkin, Dozen Roses, and French Vanilla.


I started first by melting the soy wax.  I didn't quite follow the instructions that came with the kit, step-by-step, because I wanted to be creative and see what I could do on my own. 

I filled each votive with the hot soy wax.

Split my wax colors in half and dropped in each other that I wanted to achieve in each votive.  I let the hot soy wax melt the wax colors on their own.

The wax colors as they were melting.  
This photo was actually featured on the Darby Smart page too!  Check it out here!

And this is what happened!  How awesome are those colors?  The instructions from Darby Smart say to grate the wax to help it melt faster.  I waited until the color wax was completely melted into the votive and then added my scents.  

I added the wicks after trimming them down to the appropriate size for each votive holder.

Beautiful colors!

The yellow was scented with bacon scent, the two blues were spiced pumpkin, the white was French vanilla, and the reds were dozen roses scent.  My craft room smelled heavenly for the rest of the day too!

As they were drying, I adjusted the wicks a little bit to make them stand up straight.

And the finished candles.

Such a great DIY project!  

And right now you can get this DIY soy candle kit for less than $25 HERE!  This makes an awesome Christmas gift for the DIY'er on your list!

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  1. soy candle
    What a cool idea!! I really do prefer soy-based candles to the petroleum ones and would like to make some for my wedding in July–thanks so much for this info.! One question–any estimate how long an average-sized candle will burn? Thank you!!

  2. Hi Atul,

    Thanks for stopping by!

    From the ones I have made, the small ones, I have already burned the French Vanilla completely and it burned for about 12 hours or so. Soy wax seems to take less time to burn away than traditional wax, in my experience. You could even mix it with beeswax, as in melting the soy wax with the beeswax, to make it last even longer. Darby Smart has a ton of ideas for DIY items too. They recently came out with a decorative candle holder too. Check them out and see what DIY plans you can use with the candles. Their site is so fun!

    Congratulations, by the way! :)

  3. This is really one cool idea. And I absolutely agree that this would make a perfect gift for a love one or a friend who love to do DIY stuffs this Christmas. Thank you for sharing this tutorial too.

  4. Thanks so much! So glad you like it! Darby Smart is such a great company with so many DIY ideas too. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great holiday!