Road Trip: Our trip to Sunriver, Oregon

So for the Christmas season, Jeff's work gives their employees a good old fashioned Christmas party.  They server dinner and do a raffle for the employees to win prizes.  The year of 2010 Jeff won a houseboat trip on Lake Roosevelt that was fun, yet exhausting.  We went on the boat trip during the rainy season of early summer and storms kept up from fully relaxing.  Christmas of 2012 he won again with a trip to Sunriver, Oregon.  We were so glad it was a trip to dry ground and something we could really enjoy.  We took the trip in last August and we had a BLAST!  Here is a recap of our Sunriver stay.

Before leaving, Jeff and I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee on the back porch area of our Hiatt house.  It was a wonderful way to sit and enjoy the moment before taking off for five days.

The drive over to Sunriver from the Willamette Valley takes you over the Cascade Mountain Range.  It's one of the most beautiful drives I've ever been on.

Three Finger Jack Mountain

We stopped in to the viewing area of The B and B Complex wildfire summit.  It's an area in the Cascade Mountains that burned more than 100 square miles in 2003.  While we were there, a curious lizard wanted to be in on the picture-taking action.

We drove on and stopped off at the view of Three Sisters Volcano Peaks.

After about a four hour drive we made it to Sunriver!  And as soon as we made the turn there were deer grazing.

We saw so many deer throughout the five days we were there.  It was amazing!

They just bedded down right in the front yards of the vacation homes there.  It was so beautiful to watch them.

We rolled up to the house and immediately checked it out.  I loved the big kitchen area!

The backyard and "man cave."  

We spent most of the time in the man cave/game room.  It had everything!

Skylar and Jeff had ping pong wars!

I spent most of my time in the hot tub with a drink while they battled it out.  And all three of us enjoyed it in the evenings when we got back to the house for the night.

We had a blast with the Jacuzzi tub too.  We went a bit overboard with the bubbles though.  Ha!

The day after we got to Sunriver we ate dinner at the Black Bear Diner in Bend, Oregon.

And we enjoyed the night life of Bend too.

As we made our way through Bend I about screamed with delight when we found the Townshend's Tea House where my most favorite of all tea is made.

If you haven't tried this tea, you are really missing out.  Unfortunately, it's only available in Northwest at the moment.  I plan to pack a few in my family's Christmas boxes this year.  I hope they love it as much as I do!

The next morning we got up and made our drive back through Bend and made tee time at 2:00 p.m. at Widgi Creek Golf Course.  We passed a lot of fun things, but this rock bicycle rider at the Pine Mountain Sports caught my eye.  How interesting is that?

Widgi Creek Golf Course looked amazing this time of year!  

I finally got to use my Patty Berg vintage gold set and I was so thrilled!  I picked them up at an estate sale two years ago and was told they are from the 1950s.  Love them!

Skylar got to play too and boy did he do a good job!  He did a lot better than mommy, that's for sure!

A flock of Canadian Geese landed on the course while we were there!

We had a great time!

On our drive back through Sisters, Oregon we stopped off for a little snack and some pictures.

Skylar found Mr. Krabs while we were in the little food shop and he was not happy about it either.  :(

We passed the stock of lava rock that is used to cover the roads in the winter months.  They use lava rock instead of pea gravel or de-icer.

We took the dogs with us on this trip so we made a doggie stop at Fernview Campground for them to take a potty break.

The views of the creek were pretty that time of day too.

We had a great time in Sunriver.  We visited the Lava Lands, High Desert Museum and took a hike around Sunriver while we were there too (Pictures to follow of those).  We can't wait to go back to Sunriver when we can.  It has definitely been added to our "must do again" trips book!

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