Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week

I have joined in on the fun over at Carolina Charm with her Five on Friday linkup.  I adore linkups and this one is a lot of fun.  It's similar to the Spark of Loves this Week post that I have been doing already, but this time it will be five things I am loving.  In the process, I get to do the Friday loves with a whole slew of ladies that love to blog too.  So without further ado, here are my Five on Friday loves.

1.  These Bob Marley Flip-Flops for Skylar.

Because even though the winter is coming, we still like to slip on some flip-flops from time to time and these are perfect for my hipster kid's personality.

2.  This Strawberry Jam.

Because we love Shari's Restaurant and we love strawberry jam even more!

3.  This Malibu Rum mixer pack.

Because they are tasty and go great with anything really.

4.  These Mustache Clips.

Because I just love them!  Aren't they adorable!

5.  These president PEZ dispensors.

Because they are totally hilarious and actually work great in educating Skylar on the presidents.

6.  This Sauce.

Because I've been saving it until my own asparagus crop comes in.  Can't wait!

7.  Vivint.

Because I love their "Let's Neighbor" campaign and blog.

8.  These shoes.

Because when I bought mine, Skylar and Jeff followed suit and got their own pairs of running shoes.  Now we are the Nike shoe family. 

9.  This rain.

Because it was only a matter of time before the season change brought the rain.  Bummer!

10.  This Rose.

Because it looked too lovely not to share.

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