Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week

I have joined in on the fun over at Carolina Charm with her Five on Friday linkup.  I adore linkups and this one is a lot of fun.  It's similar to the Spark of Loves this Week post that I have been doing already, but this time it will be five things I am loving.  In the process, I get to do the Friday loves with a whole slew of ladies that love to blog too.  So without further ado, here are my Five on Friday loves, but this week I have 10 instead!  It was a good week!

1.  Google wishing me a happy birthday.

Although this was more than likely generated to automatically pop up on my screen the day of, I still smiled at Google actually acknowledging that it was my day.  Thanks Google!

2.  Chicken Poop Lipbalm.

Have you heard of this?  It's awesome on so many levels, from it's name down to its ingredients.  You can pick up your own tube from I love Chicken Poop for about $4.

3.  This Goat Cheese.

You guys!  I love lavender products and anytime food is combined with anything lavender (real lavender) I have to try it.  This goat milk cheese is called Purple Haze because it contains lavender blooms and it tastes AMAZING!  It's also made in a small town in California called Arcata.  You can read more about Purple Haze at their website here.

4.  This straw.

I have joined the paper straw craze and purchased me a ton of them.  I actually like them better than the plastic ones and the best part, they are recyclable!  Yay!  Score another one for the environment.  I picked up an entire pack of 100 from Greenmunch for $14.

5.  These bookmarks.

Skylar and I have been having a load of fun with Origami lately and these hound dog bookmarks are part of that adventure.  I will have more of our Origami work up on the blog here real soon, so stay tuned for that.

6.  These Colorful Clays.

I love all things bright and colorful and when my friend Gem and her boys gave these to Skylar for his birthday I thought, we are going to have a blast with these.  And we have! 

7.  My Kid's Outfit.

Okay, mom fail on this one.  One day last week my kid jumps out of the car in nothing by his PJ pants, and house shoes, but at least his shirt was okay.  I ran out of the door so fast with him, I didn't even check what he was wearing.  Thank goodness we were just going to the grocery store and not some where fancy.  Total mom fail though.....TOTALLY!

8.  These Red Potatoes.

Have you seen these yet?  They are totally awesome!  It's red potatoes in a steam-able bag called Steamables by Simply Spuds.  How cool is that? They don't even require refrigeration at all.  We have had them a few times and they are perfect.  They taste just like they would come from your own garden, which for us, is a good thing seeing as how we didn't have a garden last season.  *shame*

9.  My Yoga Blog post ending.

A lot of friends, family, and blog followers don't know that I keep a yoga blog as well.  The link to it is always located at the top of my page under the tabs.  I update it once a month and keep track of anything that is new with yoga that I've learned.  I enjoy yoga so much and it's my outlet to help others with the journey as well.  The blog name is "Diary of a Yogi" and I would love for you to hop over and take a look from time to time.  


  1. did you really buy the chicken poop? on another note...i love cheese. i have brie sitting in my fridge waiting for my husband to finish the corn harvest so we can chow down with some red wine. yum.
    thought i would show some linkup love! new follower!

    check it yo -


  2. I really bought it and I love it! It's the best lip balm I have found in awhile. Cheese is definitely my weakness, ha! Thanks for stopping by!