Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week

I have joined in on the fun over at Carolina Charm with her Five on Friday linkup.  I adore linkups and this one is a lot of fun.  It's similar to the Spark of Loves this Week post that I have been doing already, but this time it will be five things I am loving.  In the process, I get to do the Friday loves with a whole slew of ladies that love to blog too.  So without further ado, here are my Five on Friday loves.

1.  This Future Architect.

Skylar has gotten more into digging and discovering things buried in the earth.  He says he wants to find dinosaur bones and clear land to hunt for objects from long ago.  So now I have me a cake shop owner and an architect rolled into one.  

2.  This Sign.

Because it had us laughing and rolling for a long time after we saw it.  Not even dirty, just the thought of an overweight worm made us all laugh.

3.  This Fork.

It's probably one of the neatest things around this area.  It's almost like a hidden tourist attraction really.  The man that made it works with metal and loves to design interesting pieces.  This one is very interesting to us, we just wish he would make an entire place setting though.  

4.  This Cabinet Redo.
I've had this cabinet since Skylar was a baby and it was time for a make over.  I am still in the process of redoing it, but once I am finished I will post the results on the blog.

5.  This Chalk Art.

Because it was adorable.  Unfortunately the rain had its way with the sidewalk and Skylar's little chalk airplane washed away.  I am glad I snapped a photo of it before it was gone.

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