A peek at the top of the Lava Butte

Along with our trip to the Lava Lands at the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, we decided to take the drive to the top of Lava Butte.  At the Lava Lands you literally had to gain access to the Butte by purchasing a tag that had a certain time on it.  We asked why this was, and the Park Ranger informed us that they only allow a certain number of vehicles to the top because of a spacing issue.  Once we got up there we realized what she meant.  The peek of the volcano was right under us when we parked.

The crater is 150 feet deep.  We thought it was so interesting how the eruption happened, yet life took back over and caused the growth of the trees around the crater opening.

Looking out at the top you can see the flow of lava by the darker path that leads toward the hills and mountains in the distance.

Off in the distance you can see another cinder cone.

The view of Three Sisters Volcanoes.

I loved how the lookout tower was powered by solar energy.

We took the walk around the "lid" of the volcano.  Skylar couldn't help but want to take a peek over the edge.

Standing on loose

The view from the top of the cone was amazing.  

The lookout tower from the other side of the volcano crater.

In the winter months, when the snow is falling in the Cascade Mountains, lava rock from places like Lava Butte are trucked in and stored in holding areas to prepare for the snow fall.  The lava rock and cinders are then spread on the roadways to help with traction.  The cinders work in the same manner as pea gravel or rocks, it's just a bit neater to see lava rocks than plain old rocks, in my opinion.  :)

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