Upgrade before my move: New Car!

For the past (embarrassingly enough) nine years, we have held back on buying a new car for other things like, trips, new furniture, and even little items like a gazebo for the backyard here at the Hiatt House in Oregon.  But with my move coming up, it was time for an upgrade to a better vehicle that would be able to make the long haul from Oregon to Arkansas.

This trade-in and upgrade was a bit of a bitter sweet moment.  The car we traded in was an Oldsmobile Achieva and was a gift from my parents.  It was also the same car that Jeff and I brought Skylar home in, so letting go of it was sad to me, but it was a much needed trade that should have happened awhile ago.

We ended up going to South Pacific Auto Sales in Albany, Oregon for the car.  I searched and searched for weeks online to find a good car that suited our needs.  Even though I wasn't really looking for a used car, this Jeep jumped out at me when I saw it.  We test drove it and knew we had to have it!  It was perfect!

We got treated so well at South Pacific that I have to give them props for others to go there.  If you live in or around the Willamette Valley of Oregon, give them a try for your next car, they are amazing!

We went with the Jeep Compass Sport because it came with a lot of great things such as, sunroof, an actually two-prong 115v plug in, a very roomy trunk space, factory-tinted windows, great gas mileage, the color is beautiful, and cloth seats.  Going from a car that had leather seats, I welcomed cloth, especially in the summer months.

We signed over the title, gave them the keys, and said goodbye to the old car.  It was a bittersweet moment, but we are glad to have a more reliable car now.

It was a good feeling to go on the dealer site and see the word "SOLD" across the top of the picture.  This car is going to give us many good road trips ahead and to break her in we are driving her all the way from Oregon to Arkansas.