Five on Friday!

I have joined in on the fun over at Carolina Charm with her Five on Friday linkup.  I adore linkups and this one is a lot of fun.  It's similar to the Spark of Loves this Week post that I have been doing already, but this time it will be five things I am loving.  In the process, I get to do the Friday loves with a whole slew of ladies that love to blog too.  So without further ado, here are my Five on Friday loves.

1.  This Starling.

Because he was dancing in the rain and just putting on the cutest show.  Here in Oregon Starlings are a nuisance, but this one was showing that he was more than just an annoying little bird, he also has some skills.

2.  Our Homeschooling Room.

This year I have finally done what I have wanted to do since Skylar started school, homeschooling.  We have had such a great time with it so far and I hope we can continue for the following years after.  We set up a small section on the far part of our dining room and it's working out just great!  Skylar even picked a name out for our little school, The Rain Valley School and our mascot is the Red Snails.  Ha!

3.  This Hike.

For Worldwide Day of Play, Skylar and I headed out to McDowell Creek Park to hike to the waterfall.  We had a great day and my legs and back got a VERY good workout!

We even got to see a small rainbow on the drive back home.

4.  These Invitations.

Skylar is celebrating his 10-year birthday this year and for that we are having a small mini-golf party for him at Lake Shore Lanes Miniature Golf Course on Sunday!  I can't wait to see all of his little friends and him putting the golf balls around the course.  I just hope the Oregon rain stays away that afternoon, if not, we will be doing some bowling at LSL instead.  

5.  This Curl.

With all the rain of Oregon lately my hair has been displaying its natural curls.  This little curl was at the end of my ponytail and I loved how perfect it looked.  

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