Spark of Loves this Week

This Picture.

Because it's one of my favorites when Skylar was a baby.

This Coloring.

Because he was so proud that it was on display.

This Emblem.
Because it says it's part of the Coney Island Preservation Society.

This Menu Item.

Because it says "Whatever Mama Feels Like Making." Ha!

This Twenty.  This 'Stache.
Because it wasn't lined up and it seemed interesting to me.  This 'stache because it cracked me up.

This Kitty.

Because she likes my treadmill.

This Jug.

Because it was Dead Guy Ale which is Jeff's favorite.

These Forms.

Because it was massive amounts of reading my little bean pod did before school was out.

This Movie Night.

Because it was the first 3D movie we watched at home.

This Balloon Craft.

Because it was my first Pinterest craft.

This Crack.  And This Pompom.
Because it was a huge crack across my brand new Toshiba laptop and eventually caused the hard drive to fail.  I was super sad.  And this pompom because I made it with my fingers and it was super fun!

This Picture.  And This Pinterest Account.

Because when kids this, it cracks me up.  And this Pinterest account because now my kid is even on Pinterest.  My obsession with Pinterest has now leaked over to my kid, haha.

This Jet Ski.  And This Car Image.

Because it will finally hit the water this summer.  And this car image because I spent an entire weekend finally cleaning it out.

This Chalkboard.

Because we made it from an old board and it turned out wonderfully!

This Moment.  And This Conversation.
Because it was the perfect moment spent with my little boy and the conversation because it was a great moment with the Mr. and The Boy.

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